Oxford/University of Mississippi Intelligent Transportation System Project

Welcome to the Oxford/University of Mississippi Intelligent Transportation (ITS) project website. This project is a cooperative effort by the City of Oxford and the University of Mississippi to improve the quality of life in Oxford and the surrounding area through the use of advanced traffic management tools and technologies.

The ITS project is using advanced technologies to improve the flow of traffic on both a daily basis and during special events. These technologies include integrated traffic signal controls, traffic surveillance cameras, and information dissemination. The ITS project staff is coordinating with the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to develop an integrated system that will include interconnected traffic signals and cameras linked to a central Traffic Management Center (TMC). Personnel in the TMC will be able to monitor traffic flow and more quickly respond to disruptions, accidents, and other emergency situations.

This website describes the goals and objectives of the Oxford/University of Mississippi ITS project. If you need additional information please contact the ITS staff at the emails listed on the contact page.

PowerPoint presentation from recent OUMITS meeting

The PowerPoint Presentations provided by the above Link are from a Meeting between the stakeholders associated with the Oxford-University of Mississippi Intelligent Transportation Systems Project (OUMITS). The meeting was held on Thursday August 10, 2006 at the Ole Miss-Oxford Depot. Representatives from the City of Oxford, the University of Mississippi, Lafayette County, Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration were present for the meeting.


Alternate off campus parking areas opened by the City of Oxford

Map to alternate parking areas


Oxford/Olemiss ITS Project

Oxford Accident Data - This is a working site and is currently under construction. The data represents accidents reported between 2004-2005. This is currently for testing purposes only.

Traffic Modeling and Simulation - Download and visualize traffic model simulations done by OUMITS project for various intersections in the project study area.

Download Data - Imagery and GIS data now available for downloading.

Traffic Count Data - Access traffic turning movement data collected by the OUMITS project for various intersections in the project study area.

Digital Mapping - Access the Geospatial data for the City of Oxford, The University of Mississippi, and Lafayette County. The data is available in ArcIMS mapping services.

News/Press Releases

The Daily Mississippian UPD redefines gameday parking (September 17, 2004)

Oxford Press - MDOT Bans Parking On Highway 6 - Alternatives available for fans (September 14, 2004)

The Daily Mississippian - Officials ban gameday parking on Hwy. 6 (September 10, 2004)

The Oxford Eagle - Planners question need for more student housing (August 10, 2004)


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